Wu & Wu's Kimono Doll Kit August 29, 2015 11:16

We think this Kimono Doll craft kit from Wu & Wu is absolutely gorgeous! Not only is it an activity to while away a couple of hours (6+) but there's the lovely embossed Japanese inspired tin to store it in afterwards.

Wu & Wu is an East Sussex based company specialising in Asian inspired products...a bit kitsch...a bit retro! The illustrations are all done by Fiona Hewitt.

We couldn't resist making this doll and look at the end result! Isn't she sweet!

It's really easy so the age spec of 6+ is spot on although a younger child would require guidance and help with threading the plastic safety needle, etc. There are holes in the felt so the needle can be pushed in very easily and the hardest thing is matching the dots between the different layers of fabric.


1 - Push the needle through the hole layer by layer rather than several at once.
2 - Also, don't stress about the holes matching between the fabrics, you might need to cast off and on again to complete the doll.
3 - Instructions are included but a stitch which looks like a blanket stitch is shown...we've used a running stitch which looks to be the one used in the illustrations!

LOVELY!!!! Would you like to buy? Click here