Construction! Construction! September 11, 2015 12:46

Lego is everyone's go to brand for building toys but here's some alternatives which are worth considering...Nanoblock, Bloc and Plus Plus from Denmark.


This brand is a building block system from Japan. The blocks are a mere 5mm in height. Each pack includes construction instructions and children will love to create these micro kits, usually retailing at £5.99.


Swedish traditional toy makers Brio have introduced a new sleek line of wooden construction kits called Builder.

The Builder helicopter is a stylish 90 piece set that blends painted wood and plastic components to produce a modern classic gift. Can be made into a helicopter or jet. Retails at around £25.

Plus Plus

Plus Plus is a Danish brand - it is very simple in shape, essentially two plus symbols combined, but it's this simplicity that leads to the endless possibility of shapes and objects that can be made. Plus Plus is a lot of fun and can strengthen motor skills with the variety of shapes, colours and forms. The kits come in various sizes.