Skydrive Powered Paper Planes November 18, 2015 12:11

Daniel, our resident plane expert, has been testing this fabulous new product which has just come into the shop.

This is not an ordinary paper plane kit though! Rather, this is powered with an engine and propeller which is attached to the plane. No longer will your paper plane plummet to the ground like a sack of potatoes but it will 'fly like a bird'...

The kit comes with 6 paper planes (2 each of the 3 designs) to make. Instructions are included on how to fold the paper because it needs to be done in a particular way so that the propeller and engine can be attached correctly.  

Once the engine and propeller have been attached to the plane, just push the nose of the plane into the battery charger and hold for a few seconds. Then it's ready to launch! 

This is a great gift for an older child. The recommended age is 10+ which we think is correct because the paper plane needs to be balanced and symmetrical so a bit of precision is required in the folding process. However, a younger child (7-9) could have as much fun with a bit of adult assistance.

3 x AA batteries are required.

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