toyhood's favourite blogs and online resources for the modern parent July 07, 2016 22:56

Our toyhood journey started nearly two years ago and it has been an interesting, challenging, exciting and fun journey to say the least. We've worked really hard but it has been so much fun and during this time I have taken inspiration from a multitude of amazing online blogs and magazines aimed at modern parents, which I wanted to share with you.

So if you're a modern parent looking for new brands and unique buys for kids, the latest trends in kids décor or just some interesting contemporary parenting articles, read on...

Babyccino Kids Boutiques

This was one of the first websites I came across and I've been a keen follower every since. Describes itself as 'an international lifestyle website for modern mums'. It's a curated directory of unique online boutiques (toyhood is listed!) and there's regular postings on their blog from home craft projects, reviews of family friendly holiday destinations to kid-friendly recipes. There's lots more so check them out!

Bambino Goodies
Bambino Goodies tracks down cool buys for children under 7. If you're stuck for ideas then this is the website to go to. I like how they feature everything from Scandi design to the best of Ikea. Totally accessible and a must for busy parents who don't have time to source unique buys for the kids. These ladies do it for you so sign up to their regular newsletter!

Petit & Small
Petit & Small is a blog about international kids design featuring the latest trends in kids décor as well as fashion, crafts and toys. There's a truly international feel to their content which I lo.

For women who want to be mums! Ever so cool - packed with thought provoking features, travel guides and podcasts.

The Edited
The edited is Erica Davies, a fashion editor, writer and stylist as well as a mum of of the best "mummy bloggers". I love her style and envy her Instagram posts.

Urban Explorer
If like us, you like to explore London and do new things with the kids, then I would recommend you sign up to this weekend top ten newsletter featuring fab things to do with the kids in London

I'll be adding to this list as time goes on but this is all for now! Hope you're inspired. Happy Following..