Toyhood Store, Toy Dreams for Trendy Kids
Petit & Small, 2 February 2016

Toyhood Store is a try to find beauty and exclusivity in creative toys and gifts for kids. This English online store promotes British designers but it also gathers some rare pieces from other  European countries. Every single product is carefully selected, it’s one of those “little treasures” which are really difficult to find but they are worthy because of their special charm. Read more

Toyhood Store - Unique, Creative and Affordable Gifts for Kids

Need some party favors or a small gift for your kid? Are you tired of poor quality toys that break easily? Good news, I’ve found a shop full of little treasures, and most of their products are under £10!

Toyhood store is an independent retailer based in North London selling unique, fun and affordable children’s toys, books and gifts. You’ll find paper toys, magazines, badges, greeting cards, tattoos, pocket mirrors, hair clips, little notebooks, and much more, with a focus on small British designers. There’s also a smattering of small European brands rarely seen on the high street.

You can choose between masks from Pakhuis Oost, colouring posters by OMY, wings kits from Seedling or child jewelry from Pop Cutie…No more silly gifts!...Read more

toyhood store
Babyccino Kids, September 2015
Toyhood store is offering you affordable children's toys and gifts -- you will find that most of their adorable products cost less than £10! Find badges, greeting cards, little notebooks and much more, with a focus on British brands. Read more

Top Ten Get Creative
Featured our Hot Air Balloon Paper Toy kit from Pukaca! Read more
Babyccino Kids, October 2015

Supereditions Books to Illustrate
Bambino Goodies, 28 July 2015
First we had The Book with No Pictures and now we have Books to Illustrate by Supereditions. These clever books have  no pictures, but that’s because they’re for you to illustrate – I know I’m stating the obvious there. Let their imaginations run wild with titles such as Where do Monsters and Spiders Hide when they’re Afraid? and What do Extraterrestrials do when they are on Holiday?. Great for travel, rainy days and a fabulous keepsake for the memory box. Only £5.99 each from Toyhood StoreRead more

toyhood store
Muswell Hill Mums, 2014
toyhood store is a new independent toy retailer based in Alexandra Park. It was founded by local parents Shu Ling Ng and Daniel Welton as an alternative to the mainstream high street toy retailers. Read more



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